Workshop Format

The workshop is meant to provide a productive and informal atmosphere for the discussion of problems and issues raised during your master/doctoral/postdoctoral research. After the introduction and the panel discussion, there will be a reception with snacks and drinks during which doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to get peer-feedback on their dissertation (or a chapter of it) during a poster session. On Saturday, we will have text sessions in which questions and problems relating to research projects can be presented. With both formats, we want to move away from the classical presentation that is commonly read from a prepared script and shift the emphasis towards discussion.

Poster Session:

Research posters encourage a very focused and accessible presentation of major lines of argumentation and analytic ideas and thus facilitate discussion of key issues and open questions. In the poster session you can either present your complete project or only parts (i.e. a chapter) of it.

The idea is that during the poster session workshop guests can move around and look at the posters, but also critically discuss the presented issues with their peers. We thereby hope to encourage a scholarly exchange from which everybody gains. Presenters will be able to advance ideas for the further progress of their projects and practice to bring across their main points in conversation. If you decide to participate in the poster session, we will provide you with sample poster templates and some more information on the format. The deadline for poster submissions is September 28.

We are indebted to Prof. Dr. Cortiel from the North American Studies at the University of Bayreuth who first brought our attention to this great discussion format, which is beginning to gain in popularity also in the humanities.

Text Sessions:

Rather than preparing a conference-style paper, bring a specific problem, chapter or excerpt of your thesis or secondary text (academic or non-academic). You will be asked to briefly introduce it in a short input presentation. The input presentation can be 5 to 10 minutes long depending on the format and type of your contribution. It should provide a framework for the ensuing discussion. The focus should therefore be on exposition rather than on a comprehensive analysis of the issue you are addressing. We plan to engage with every text for 45 minutes; accordingly, the time available for discussion ranges from 35-40 minutes.

The texts and materials for discussion will be made available to all participants via dropbox. In order to ensure a productive discussion, they should be read by all participants in advance. Please keep in mind that the amount of text should be manageable – hence no longer than 30 pages including notes and bibliography! The deadline for text submissions is September 26.


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