Webinars (with EASLCE)

The EASLCE webinars provide an opportunity for discussion of various aspects of ecocriticism amongst scholars that might otherwise not get together that easily. Especially students and young researchers are invited to engage in conversations with senior professors outside of their home universities or countries. Webinars will be conducted via Google+, which allows free group video chats.

Each webinar will be led by the guest expert (host) and moderated by one of the EASLCE webinar coordinators. The webinar host will suggest beforehand a set of readings for all participants and a set of questions to be addressed. After an initial statement by the host (about 15 minutes), the floor will be opened for discussion. Webinars are expected to last approximately 60-90 minutes. It is also our intention to record the sessions and eventually make them available to all EASLCE members in the members’ area of the organization’s website.

Webinar participants are required to prepare a set of texts, which will be made available by the moderator in advance. Participation is free and open to everyone (also non-EASLCE-members) with preference given to graduate students. The number of participants is limited to six.

For information on this year’s webinars visit the the 2017 webinar page.


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